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Hugo Vanderstichele (° 1960)



I have experience in the translation of (protein) biomarkers from concept to clinical value, including but not limited to:

          target identification, technology selection, and prototyping
          protein assay development, qualification, and validation
          project management (incl. quality control and problem solving)    
          clinical utility evaluation
          (early) market integration (incl. registration)

In 2011, I have founded BIOMARKABLE bvba and co-founded ADx NeuroSciences.

  • I obtained my PhD degree at the University Hospital in Gent (Belgium) as an endocrinologist (Study on the clinical relevance of steroid metabolism in the brain).
  • I am involved in world-wide efforts to qualify and standardize biomarker protein assays (e.g., ADNI, AIBL, CPAD, JPND, MJ Fox Foundation).
  • I am a (principal) investigator in several multi-center projects.

I’m looking forward to initiate a successful collaboration and bring higher value to your ideas.

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